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Authentic Italian

Even if you don't speak Italian, you'll soon welcome the translation of "Mangia, Mangia!" which means "Eat, Eat!" Once you experience the magic of our food, you'll come to love something wonderful and amazing every visit!


Real Italian Style Ziti with Fresh Basil on Top From Mangia Mangia Italian Restaurant in Hershey PA
10" Wood Fired Pizza in Hershey PA from Mangia Mangia


Head to Hershey PA

If you haven't traveled to Sicily to experience the hearty textures and flavors of the finest foods, don't go! Skip the long flights, airport crowds, and surly cabbies. Instead, discover Mangia Mangia Italian Grill in the countryside of Hershey.

famous spaghetti dinner with fresh basil and meatballs made by mariella amato in hershey pa


Order Italian Online

fried crab crustini appetizer from mangia mangia in hershey pa
scallop pesto linguini homemade by mangia mangia
beef with micro greens on a bed of smashed potatoes dinner special from mangia mangia italian in hershey pa
sausage and mozzarella panini with roasted vegetables lunch special in hershey pa
rough-beige-stucco-surface (1).jpg
NAtale and Mariella Amato of Mangia Mangia Italian Restaurant in Hershey PA
wood frame.png

Meet the Owners

Whether you've just discovered this amazing locale or know them by name, Natale and Mariella Amato dreamed of their festive trattoria-style restaurant for decades, thousands of miles away in their native home of Carini, Sicily. The smells, tastes, and emotions from every individualized dish or family-style platter tell of amore, of love for the fine cuisine served with great vigor by a welcoming staff enriching every experience.

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